Work Samples

Victory Studios works on a wide range of projects that require all sorts of artists and business people working together. We have experienced producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, camera operators, video editors, and animators. This reel is a collection of excerpts from the wide range of projects we have worked on in the last few years.

Commercials and Promotional

Victory Studios has provided commercials for a whole campaign, a single commercial to sell a product or a fully produced narrative infomercial. 

Three examples below are:

  • American Marriage Ministries developed for a campaign to make the viewer more aware of the services available.
  • PebbleBee Honey is a single commercial to sell a product.
  • RacerMate CompuTrainer is an infomercial to inform potential buyers of the many features of the product.

Training and Educational

Victory Studios is often challenged to educate and train a client’s prospective customers and/or existing employees. Victory’s producers have developed a system for making dynamic training videos, no matter the content. Part of our secret is in the storytelling which makes a training video both entertaining and informative while turning a potentially mundane topic into a powerful and effective program.

Two examples below are:

  • Skydive Snohomish – Tandem Skydive Training is a video to train both customers and employees on a complex subject.
  • CanadaMark Product & Sales Training is a series of video modules designed to train dealers on how to best sell the company’s diamonds.

Promotional and Marketing

Victory Studios understands that in today’s marketplace, promotional efforts are better with the use of video. Every website should have a video on its front page. Here are three examples of how Victory responded to the needs of a client to create a powerful persuasive promotion video.

  • Behind The Scenes - AtmosFX is a promotional video to show a “behind-the-scenes” look at how their products are produced.
  • Skydive Snohomish Teaser is a promotional video to bring potential clients to Skydive Snohomish to enjoy what they offer.
  • Millennials Promo with Alex is a video to show how the Millennials is a fantastic place to learn and perfect dance skills.


Victory Studios has extensive experience utilizing testimonials to help a client sell their product. Through case study videos or just simply a person on camera talking about a product, powerful persuasion is occurring. Along with the voices, great background video is added to reinforce the points being made.

Two examples below are:

  • Amazon Business used Victory Studios to travel to users of their business services, gather testimonials and film how Amazon has made their business better.
  • AutoKraft of Kent uses testimonials produced by Victory Studios to separate them from the competition and demonstrate their competence through the words of happy customers.


Victory Studios knows that animation adds a lot to telling a story and communicating a message, and that some stories can only be told with animation. Here are three examples of how animation can tell a story where real photography could not, and how imagery through animation can create a feeling of competence and clarity.

  • DWT - Seasons Greeting Video sends appreciation to a wide audience across the nation. 
  • BlueNile Diamonds Informational Video is a beautifully produced video using 3D animation to create imagery that would be impossible to capture otherwise

Case Studies

Victory Studios has produced many case study videos over the years. Similar to testimonials, these programs are powerfully persuasive stories about how a client uses a product or service. Here are two examples of how Victory created Case Study videos for a client:

  • Amazon Business for Veterans is a case study on how a client uses Amazon’s business service to market and deliver their products to customers.
  • Over the Line Art is a case study video to explain the complexity of this wonderful art form as it develops in the modern digital world.


Teasers sum up a product or message in about a minute long video. These are becoming more popular as promotional tools for ad campaigns on social media platforms. It is a perfect marketing sidekick to a full commercial.

Music Video

Polarity Code - October One

This music video commemorates the victims who tragically died in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.

Ingrid Matthews - Bach Performance

This music video features Ingrid Matthews and her Baroque violin. Ingrid needed a video to show her violin expertise. This is what we put together for her. 

Haeda Yasui - "I Can See Clearly Now" Cover Song

This music video features Haeda Yasui. Haeda needed a video to show her vocal abilities in hopes of getting more singing gigs. This is what we put together for her.