Dana Dolly Speed Rail Dolly

Dana Dolly Speed Rail Dolly


The Dana Dolly is a new and innovative dolly system that glides effortlessly atop lengths of industry standard speed rail which can be mounted on combo stands offering a versatile and incredibly smooth solution for dolly shots that eliminates the need for conventional dolly track and shimming.

With the Dana Dolly you can get awesomely smooth and controlled camera moves in any environment with little set-up time and a small footprint. Perfect for shooting in remote locations or on sensitive flooring.


Package Items

2x Arri 3 Riser Combo Stand
1x Dana Dolly 100mm Ball Adaptor
1x Dana Dolly 150mm Ball Adaptor
1x Dana Dolly 75mm Ball Adaptor
1x Dana Dolly
1x Dana Dolly Middle Support
1x Dana Dolly Monitor Mount Off Set
1x Dana Dolly Multi Tool
2x Dana Dolly Rail End
1x Dana Dolly Travel Case
2x Speed Rail 6' or 10' Length