HDCam Sony HDW-F500

HDCam Sony HDW-F500


The Sony HDW-F500 VTR defines a pivotal point in the development of digital recording. Based upon proven 1/2-inch tape technology the HDW-F500 is the digital high definition recorder for production, post production, mastering and the preservation of precious archive material. Either on set or on location, it provides immediate playback of shots in the full, breath-taking high definition quality. View not just composition but details such as make-up and wardrobe exactly as they will be seen in the final production. But that's not all. The HDW-F500 is supremely flexible. Pictures are recorded according to the industry agreed Common Image Format (CIF) but can
be acquired at a number of different frame rates. 24 progressive frames per second (24P) to exactly match film production or switchable to 25P, 30P, 50 interlaced (50i) or 60i to work with international
Digital Television (DTV) standards. Simply stated this is the first singular digital format created specifically to suit the needs of Motion Picture, HDTV, DTV, Standard Definition TV, DVD, Internet, E-cinema and all other moving picture distribution channels.


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