KinoFlo 2Ft 4Bank

KinoFlo 2Ft 4Bank


The 2' 4Bank Fixture from Kino Flo is a 4-lamp fluorescent light that outputs the equivalent of a 500W softlight while consuming a fraction of the traditional fixture's electrical draw. When used with a standard or DMX ballast (purchased separately) the light has 2 or 4 lamp switching to vary the power output as well as standard and High Output settings to avoid color shifting associated with dimming. Unlike other ballasts, Kino Flo's optional ballasts can be located up to 75' from the head with no power loss, solving the problem of adjustments when the light is hung overhead. Optional True Match lamps that feature a high CRI of 95 are available in 3200K or 5600K color balance. Includes ballast, C-Stand and 25lb Shot Bag.


Lamps 4 x F40/T12 Lamp Sockets
Mounting Twist-off mount with 3/8" pin
Photometrics 65 fc @ 4.0' (1.2 m)
17 fc @ 8.0' (2.4 m)
5.5 fc @ 14' (4.2 m)
456 lux @ 4.9' (1.5 m)
170 lux @ 8.2' (2.5 m)
69 lux @ 13.1' (4.0 m)
Approvals and Certifications UL listed, CE approved
Dimensions 27 x 13 x 3.5" (69 x 33 x 9 cm) with 6.5" barndoors
Weight 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)