Grip Truck

Grip Truck
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Victory Studios has recently expanded it's grip and lighting package options to include two new Grip Truck configurations. The core of these new configurations is our custom designed Grip Cart and Lighting Cart. The 24x48 Grip Cart holds the equivalent of a 1 ton grip truck and can be rolled on-location for easy access to all the gear. The Lighting Cart adds basic lighting and electrical support to complete the package. Designed to fit in the back of a standard cargo van, these carts can be offloaded in places that a standard box grip truck cannot go... like parking garages. A full list of gear on the grip/lighting carts for the "Grip Van" configuration can be found "<a href="/PDF/GripVan2009-11-11.pdf">HERE</a>" (.pdf link).

For larger shoots these carts can be combined with our larger box truck. The "Grip Truck" configuration includes all the gear from the grip van configuration and adds lots more. A full list of the current "Grip Truck" configuration can be found "<a href="/PDF/GripTruck2009-11-11.pdf">HERE</a>" (.pdf link)