PD2 Ikan Remote Air 2 Dual-Channel Wireless Follow Focus

PD2 Ikan Remote Air 2 Dual-Channel Wireless Follow Focus



Two high-precision, lightweight, and quiet motors compatible with 19 or 15mm rods

High torque motors capable of operating all types of lenses from still photography to high end cine lenses.

360 degree hand control unit knob with a 7200 resolution

Accurate OLED screen displays channel info, signal strength, battery life, and voltage

Communicates through a 20-channel 2.4 GHz wireless protocol

Signal transmission distance of 328'


One-key stroke memory function can record strokes of different lens

Manually set the (AB point)

Digital limitation function ensures the safety of the lens

Stroke detection

Automatic detection

Automatic current and speed distribution

Automatic matching maximum speed


More than 30 hours service time

Instant start with standby time of 30 days

More than 1000 times circulation of full charge and discharge

USB portable charging


Built in receiver

High-precision brushless motor

Unified standard aviation self locking plug