GL Optix 70-200mm Compact Zoom Series

GL Optix 70-200mm Compact Zoom Series


The 70-200mm T3.0 Zoom Lens from GL Optics is a re-housed Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens that has been modified for cinema use and covers up to full-frame formats. The original lens mount and housing have been removed and replaced with a stainless steel PL mount and a 6063 aluminum lens body, which features a 95mm front diameter and mod 0.8 gears for focus, zoom, and aperture control. The lens come packaged in a flight case and includes a lens support.


- 114mm diameter front ring size
- PL Mount
- 0.8 module gears
- Lens Weight : 3.6 KG
- Total package weight w case : 6Kg