7" SmallHD AC7 SDI Field Monitor

7" SmallHD AC7 SDI Field Monitor


The Small HD AC7-SDI 7" LCD On-Camera Filed Monitor ships with native 1280x800 resolution so you don't have to worry about your built-in on-camera LCD telling you your shot is in focus when it is in fact, not. 8-Bit 8-bit doesn't sound like much more than 6-bit, but let's put it this way; 8-bit means you get 64 times the amount of displayable colors than current 5.6inch HD monitors. Compact Frame Even with a bigger screen, the AC7 (LCD) is barely any larger than the DP6 and nearly the same weight, meaning more room in the gear bag.


SmallHD SDI Field Monitor.
Includes Canon LP Battery Plate but *CANON LP BATTERIES NOT AVAILABLE*
1280x800 / 8 bit LCD Panel
Focus Assist, DSLR Scale, Frame Guides and more
HDMI, HD SDI, Component RCA, Composite RCA

Package Items

1x Small HD AC 7 Field Monitor
1x Small HD AC 7 Sunscreen
1x Small HD 12v Power Supply
1x Small HD Canon LP Battery Plate
1x Small HD Panasonic CGA Battery Plate